1. Come and volunteer at Revolution Books, we are open everyday from 12 to 7. You can shelf books, help package books we sell online, talk to people who come in from all over the world, promote store events, create store widow designs, and find the ways to make the store shine.

2. Join the Rev Books tables at Wall Street, Harlem, campuses. Pass out RB postcards. Get out the special issue of Revolution newspaper, sell BAsics books. RB is tabling regularly @ OWS, and you can join teams spreading the revolution in Harlem and other neighborhood

3. Prepare materials and help transport them to RB tables and events all over the city.

4. DONATE NOW. Become one of 100 new Friends of RB contributing $240 each. Or give what ever you can (and if you're a student it's $10 a month) help raise funds from others: Make fund-raising buckets, packets, and develop creative ideas to raise money for the revolution.

5. Phone banking ΜΆ Join us in calling the many people who have left their phone number to volunteer and donate. We have a script, snacks and collectively we help each other with any obstacles or questions that come up during the calling.

6. Food & Drinks -- Collect food or make food for refreshments at events, or for feeding other volunteers. Providing food is a great way to support the movement for revolution. You can drop it off at the store, but we can also arrange to pick up.

7. Donate materials -- office supplies, phone cards, stamps, banner material.... Or call on stores to donate paper, poster board, banner material, copies of fliers, markers and other office supplies. You can drop it off at the store, but we can also arrange to pick up.

8. Calling Graphic Designers for the Revolution! We are forming a team to create great-looking posters, front window displays, portable RB cart on wheels -- plus a new website.