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The first nine months of Revolution Books in Harlem have been incredible. The new bookstore has become the site of countless eye-opening talks and discussions, author programs, deep engagement with the biggest questions facing humanity… fulfilling its unique mission as the place where people come to find the books and engagement with why the world is the horror it is and how it can be radically changed through revolution.

The reality is that Revolution Books survives only with the support of people. It is very difficult for a bookstore to stay open on book sales alone. Your contributions are essential to greatly expand the selection of books, publicity, get air-conditioning, install a good stage for performance and proper signage in the front window. Doing this will allow RB to become more financially solvent, able to impact the world on a whole other scale in these times of unprecedented peril and opportunity for humanity.

3 Ways to Give:

1. Give on this page to Revolution Books (see left column below).

2. Become a Revolution Books monthly sustainer (see right column below). All sustainers who give $20/month or more receive 10% off books, free admission to many events, a mug or tote bag.

3. Join the "6 Free Books a Year Sustainer Program" All sustainers at $35/month or more receive the above, plus a new book every other month. RB sends out a selection of 5 great books, you choose one, and we mail it to you. Now, until August 28, we are offering this sustainer program at $30/month.

Current selections are:


A Contribution at Any Level

$25 Donation

$50 Donation

$100 Donation

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$1000 Donation

$2500 Donation

Other amount

Any donation above $2500: Please contact Connie Julian, Development Director, at 212-691-3345

Become a Monthly Sustainer

$10/month (student/low income)


$30/month (SALE: 6 Books/Year Sustainer)

$35/month (6 Books/Year Sustainer)

$65/year (Basic Sustainer)




Other amount

Monthly sustainers receive: 10% off books. Free admission to most events

$65 - BAsic Sustainer support the bookstore and receive a copy of BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian

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Revolution Books is a not-for-profit institution with an all-volunteer staff. Visit the Revolution Books home page.