"I think what's so beautiful and wonderful about Revolution Books is that even when you close your eyes and go to any of the shelves here and pick any one of the books, it is likely that it will contain the kind of dreams that Martin Carter was talking about when he said, 'And so if you see me looking in your hand, listening when you speak, marching in your ranks, you must know, I do not sleep to dream, but dream to change the world.' "
-- NGŨGĨ WA THIONG'O novelist, playwright, literary theorist  (Dreams in a Time of War; Wizard of the Crow; Decolonizing the Mind: The Politics of Language in African Literature), former political prisoner in Kenya. 

"There is an African proverb that asserts, 'When a griot dies, it is like a library has been destroyed.' Revolution Books is like a thousand griots-- and to lose it would be to witness the disappearance of a village of libraries. In my political development, it has been an indispensable tool and companion."
-- HERB BOYD, journalist, Amsterdam News, Essence, author, “Baldwin's Harlem: A Biography”
“America’s largest revolutionary bookstore is nonprofit and staffed by volunteers. Large collection of Marx, Mao and Malcolm X… significant number of Spanish language works.”
-- Let’s Go New York travel guide

"For those who wish to read the dissenting view, the uncensored analysis, the truth about their country and the world, the existence and viability of Revolution Books is absolutely essential."
-- PROF. JOHN GERASSI, Political Science, Queens College and Graduate Center

 “I have never been in a place quite like Revolution Books. It is the repository of a wide range of progressive and radical literature. Anytime I have gone there looking for a left wing book, no matter how obscure, I have found it. Even more importantly I always find something illuminating that I had never heard of before. At a time when so much commerce takes place on computers, it is particularly important to have a few physical places where minds and people can meet and learn. For committed lefties such as myself, Revolution Books is uniquely valuable."
-- DANNY GOLDBERG, president Gold Village Entertainment, author "Bumping Into Geniuses: My Life Inside the Rock and Roll Business”
“Revolution Books is that rare item, a bookstore with meaning, a bookstore with warmth, where you can learn and browse and find the sort of books that tamer shops never carry.”
-- Alexis Greene, co-editor, “Front Lines: Political Plays by American Women”

“You will not find another store with a staff this knowledgeable about the books they carry. Stop in for the books, literature, and as deep a discussion as you want on the importance of knowing the world to change the world.” 
-- a Yahoo! contributor

 “Revolution Books is one of my favorite bookstores in New York City. Whether you're a revolutionary or simply a reader who believes books really matter for the health of a community, you need to know about this store -- one of the last great independents in Manhattan, a brilliant, exciting, and wonderfully eccentric collection of books old and new, forgotten and front-page, radical and revelatory…a vital institution.”  
-- JEFF SHARLET, contributor, Rolling Stone and Harpers, author “The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power”
"In traveling around the country for readings at bookstores, it has become evident that Revolution Books presents a whole different level of engagement.  I have learned much from the audiences here… "
--DR. SUE WICKLUND, “This Common Secret: My Journey As an Abortion Doctor”

“The Rev has New York’s biggest and most outstanding radical collection of books, leaflets and journals. You’ll find bookshelves devoted to Lenin, Mao and Marx, many books in espanol, as well as cute red-star earrings.”
-- LONELY PLANET travel guide for NYC
“When I first came to Revolution Books I was active against injustice. Through the store I gained the insight on how to change the world. Only with its open doors will the spark continue for all who walk through it.” 
-- Jesse Heiwa, journalist, activist, cultural worker

“A Revolutionary Reading Room:   Revolution Books/Libros Revolución, the cheerfully insurrectionist leftist hangout, is perhaps the only place in the city where you can drink coffee, discuss Mao Tse-tung, and pick up a copy of the 2009 Cat Lovers Against the Bomb calendar…”
-- New York Magazine, December 8, 2008

 “Those interested in radical social histories, left literature of nearly every stripe, be it political economy and class analysis, history, philosophy, social sciences generally, not to mention the arts and literary work, would likely find it at Revolution Books-- perhaps, the finest and most complete bookstore of its kind in the entire NY region.  Any student of revolutionary thought and deed, be they academics, and/or activists, whatever their outlook or sympathies, could not, in my opinion, find a better educational resource anywhere in the tri-state area.”
--RICHARD CAMPO, student and teacher, Renaissance history