Volunteer & Intern

toteYou will be volunteering at a unique bookstore. People come into Revolution Books from all over the city, the country, the world, and they find the books and engagement about why the world is the way it is and how it could be radically changed. You will be working in an atmosphere alive with critical thinking — a center of the movement for revolution.

At the heart of Revolution Books is the cutting-edge work of Bob Avakian who has developed a vision and viable framework for a new society that is working to overcome and dig up the roots of all the forms of exploitation and savage inequality that people suffer from today; a society where wars of plunder and subjugation of nations and cultures are no more; where a new constitution would require safeguarding the environment. All in a framework that gives great scope to intellectual work, ferment, and dissent so that people could consciously and collectively strive for a world where all humanity could flourish.

The bookstore's slogan speaks to its reason for being: "Humanity needs revolution. Revolution needs Revolution Books. Revolution Books needs you." Learn about this revolution as you work with Revolution Books.

Take a shift— You can volunteer every day, one day a week, or a few hours each week.
* Work with the books– we have a curated collection of thousands of books: history and revolutionary theory, novels and poetry, science and philosophy, children's literature and magazines, books in Spanish, DVD's. Write book blurbs for the website and store, help find new books, keep the shelves in order and clean. Work with our used book collection: organize used book sales, and online sales.
* Help with the accounting, book ordering, and all that is require to keep this bookstore open and expanding.
* The most interesting and interested people come into this bookstore—talk with them, help them find what they're looking for, find out what they're thinking, introduce them to what RB is about.

Street Team— Join the teams taking Revolution Books out in the world: take flyers or set up RB book tables at events, films, conferences, in the parks, literary festivals, book readings. This spreads the word about the bookstore, and can help change what people think, the public discourse, on the urgent questions facing the world.

Events– Help organize and promote Revolution Books author readings, panels, film screenings, open-mics, concerts, discussions. Revolution Books hosts over 100 events a year—it's the place to find the most provocative discussions on the burning issues of our time.

Social Media & Website – Spread Revolution Books online: post our events and the bookstore on blogs, Facebook, Twitter. Help launch our new website and maintain it.

Graphic Design, Photography & Video– Revolution Books constantly needs new flyers and signs, plus design for our website and emails.
* Help design store and front window displays, we also need portable displays for taking Revolution Books to parks and concerts. Work with us on the look of the bookstore so when people come in, they feel like they're in a revolutionary place.
* We need photos and short videos on the bookstore for the website and spread online. Soon we will be launching a crowd-funding campaign and will need videos for this.

Fund Raising—This month we're launching a major 6-month fund drive to save and expand Revolution Books. Help strategize this campaign, do mailings, join phone banking teams, be part of an effort which really matters– keeping this essential bookstore open and expanding to fill the great need in the world.

Please contact us to get a short volunteer application and arrange for an interview: 212-691-3345 or e-mail revbooksnyc@yahoo.com.

Revolution Books can structure a formal internship program with you and your school or other institution. Four hours per week minimum is required. Currently, Revolution Books is working with various New York City internship programs at high schools, colleges, and social service agencies.

Revolution Books is not-for-profit and its staff is all-volunteer.