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The rise of fascism not only here in the US but also all around the globe... the spiraling disaster of human caused climate change... wealth disparities between the wealthy and the poor not seen since the age of the robber barons... and now this, a world-wide pandemic that exposes the gross inadequacies of this system, and the monstrous inhumanity of the ruling class. The year's only a third over and we've already seen devastating floods in Indonesia, riots in Delhi, the ENTIRE CONTINENT OF AUSTRALIA ON FIRE, and, of course, the murderous and depraved non-response to the worst pandemic in a century. But, it doesn't have to be that way. A different world is possible. A far better world; not a perfect heaven on earth, one with no conflicts, but one in which all of humanity is able to work together to overcome whatever crises may come our way. That is clearly impossible now, with the capitalist ruling class – which has it's dirty hands on every lever of power – using all of it's considerable might to stopping even the simplest of preventative measures. "Essential workers" – the most grossly exploited among us – forced to work, with inadequate protection, and no health care when they fall ill. Nurses and doctors, pushed beyond their limit, not even given the basics needed to save people's lives. People losing their jobs, losing everything. We all know we can do better than this.

Bob Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party USA have spent decades not only fighting injustice and inequality with consistency and passion, but they have an actual plan for how to get us out of this mess. No one else has the vision, and the deep, rigorous analysis. When the situation is this horrible, for billions of people, for an entire planet of other animals, for the planet itself. When we know that there's a better way, a way that's actually practically, scientifically possible – not easy but possible – how can we not throw our weight behind these people? How can we not support the work they're doing, work we all so desperately want to see succeed?

Revolution Books is more than a bookstore, it's beacon during these dark times. It's a place of hope. It's a university of education in how to think critically. It's a place where the warriors for a better future can be born, where the artists and the dreamers of the future people can plant the seeds of this new, brighter, better future. I call on everyone who wants to see this grotesque, inhuman, hateful system taken down to support this vital and precious place, this seed of a new future. As with the revolution itself, all are needed. All have something we can do. Even if all you can afford is a dollar, Revolution Books is giving you the opportunity to take part in one of, if not the, greatest undertakings in human history; creating, together, a world behind race, beyond gender, beyond class. A communist future. Please join me in this great, and lofty, project.

A Rev Books supporter who is horrified at the direction the world is going in, especially considering what could be


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