"Our Future Depends on Revolution Books' Success..."

RB Supporter's Message to Donate to Winter Fund Drive

There’s a crisis going on in our country. A crisis where war, exploitation, white supremacy, and climate change are creating misery and hardships for people everywhere. We urgently need to understand how we can move forward to make a better world. That’s why we need to support Revolution Books now. Why does Revolution Books matter to me? For one, unlike other bookstores it’s a place I can go where I know I’ll find hundreds of books that speak truth to power. But more importantly it’s a community space where I can always engage and learn because it offers a rare context for meeting other people who are also interested in revolutionary ideas.

It’s a unique place where I can meet and talk to my favorite authors and artists. Last month I attended a tremendously profound and moving program at the bookstore featuring the artist Dread Scott. In front of a standing room crowd he illustrated and discussed his re-enactment project of the major but little known slave rebellion of 1811 in New Orleans. The power of this thrilling program showed me how remarkably brave the band of enslaved people was and it helped me to rethink ways we can recover our freedom today by reckoning with the past. These are the kinds of experiences that keep me coming back to the store again and again.

Revolution Books is working to make the world a better place by refusing to accept the capitalist system and our social hierarchy as necessary.

Our future depends on Revolution Books’ success. Please join me and donate to ensure they can continue doing this critical work.

-- A book lover and supporter of the cause of Revolution Books