$9,000 Needed Now!
Open the new Revolution Books in Harlem

Welcome to Revolution Books, the bookstore about the world for a radically new world. RB is a site of critical thinking like nowhere else: where people find the books and engagement with why the world is the horror it is today, and where people can discover the revolutionary way out of this madness, engaging with the path-breaking work of the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian and the movement for revolution. RB is needed more than ever. Your donation has everything to do with the ability of RB to re-open in October.

Here is the financial situation, and why your donation is urgently needed now:

In June, we leased a great new storefront at 437 Malcolm X Boulevard/Lenox Avenue and 132nd Street in Harlem, after many years in Chelsea. To move and re-open, we launched a $150,000 fundraising campaign, including a successful $30,000 Indiegogo campaign which attracted over 240 donors. This made a huge difference, allowing renovation to go forward.

We are now in the final phase of the fund drive for renovation and re-stocking and promotion of books. We had set a target of $35,000. But we have run into an unexpected problem. To put the new heating/AC unit on the building roof will require steel reinforcement, a crane, city permits to close the street, costly inspections -- all of which adds $9000 to the budget. And to proceed with the rest of the renovation, this $9000 is needed immediately.

Will you give now so that RB can open in October?

Donate online. Or mail check to:
Revolution Books, 437 Malcolm X Blvd./Lenox Ave., New York, NY 10037

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To learn more about the mission of RB, watch this talk by RB spokesperson Andy Zee.



Bob Avakian and Cornel West in Dialogue on "Revolution and Religion: The Role of Religion in the Emancipation of Humanity," co-produced by Revolution Books at The Riverside Church before a crowd of over 1900 people, November 15, 2014.