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Coming events and videos of past events: Video of Bob Avakian on the Real Revolution and the New Communism, Recent episodes of the Revolution Nothing Less Show

In light of the continuing threat from Trump's fascist forces, we encourage friends of Revolution Books to...

▪ Go to revcom.us for new coverage and analysis every day. Today see Statement on the Inauguration of Joe Biden.

▪ Watch Trump and the Whole Fascist Cabal Must Go Now! Roundtable Discussion featuring: Rosie O’Donnell, Jason Stanley, and Andy Zee. Hosted by Sunsara Taylor.

▪ Go to refusefascism.org for information about actions demanding an end to the whole fascist cabal.

▪ Why this happened and how this happened are gone into deeply in the work of Bob Avakian (BA), going as far back to the mid-1990s right down to today. The major works of Bob Avakian are available at Revolution Books.

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